Common Mistakes People Make When Selling a Car

AAA confirms that “more than 86 percent of U.S households have at least one car for every driver in the home and [that] 28 percent report having more cars than drivers.” (AAA) People will eventually have to sell these cars in the end, but the trouble is that many people rush when it’s time to part with their vehicles. When you’re in a hurry, you’re more likely to run into issues. Here, we identify a few of the most common mistakes people make when selling a car.

Mistake #1: Failing to Consider the Car’s Value

Knowing how much your car is worth is essential to know when considering how to sell your car. If you advertise your car at a price that’s too high, you potentially reduce the number of interested buyers. On the other hand, if your asking price is too low, you lose out on money. To properly price your vehicle, do your research and look at its current market value.

Mistake #2: Making Too Many Repairs

Unfortunately, a car isn’t like a house—significant improvements won’t drastically improve its value. In fact, fixing your vehicle may cost you more than selling it. Instead, retrieve written estimates for the repairs and give them to the new buyer. If you can’t put off a specific service any longer, make sure you provide evidence that you paid for it. A complete service history shows prospective buyers that you’ve taken great care of the car.

Mistake #3: Not Cleaning the Car Before Selling It

Your vehicle’s appearance speaks volumes. A clean car looks more attractive to potential buyers, while a dirty one deters them from wanting to purchase it. Take the time to scrub the car’s exterior and tidy up its interior. This way, you can increase your chances of selling your vehicle quickly and at the price you initially asked for—or even more.

Mistake #4: Trading in at a Dealership

Often, when people go to dealerships, they settle for the least amount of money for their old vehicles. If you want to get cash for cars in Dallas and the surrounding areas, give Don’t Trade It In a call. No matter the make or model, we’ll make a fair offer on it.

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