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Need an easy way to sell your Ford online?

Do you have a vehicle you no longer need? Have you found a replacement yet don’t want to lose money when trading your vehicle in at a car dealership? If so, Don’t Trade It In has the perfect solution. Sell your Ford online to us. Our team is eager to showcase just how easy it is to sell your Ford online and get the cash you need. 

Before you search online for an ‘easy way to sell my Ford online,’ get to know the process at Don’t Trade it In that offers you a carefree way to sell your car online. 

Check out these tips on how to sell a car online to make the process simple and hassle-free. 

Gather necessary paperwork

At Don’t Trade It In, we offer you an easy way to sell your Ford online with an interactive website that walks you through the process. However, you will need some paperwork before you begin. In some states, you may need to complete a Certificate of Title before selling your Ford online. In addition, we will need your VIN, mileage and pictures of the vehicle you want to sell online. 

Also, when selling your Ford online, it can be beneficial to provide a service record, a vehicle history, as well as specifications and features details.

Show off your Ford’s features

Pictures definitely say a thousand words, which is why it’s helpful to have clear images of the exterior and interior of your vehicle when you want to sell your Ford online. Park the vehicle in a well-lit area away from other items or vehicles that can distract from the beauty of the SUV, truck or sedan you want to sell online. In addition, take a close shot of the odometer and zoom in on features that you want to showcase, such as leather seats or high-end speakers within the interior of the Ford you sell online. 

Be honest about your Ford’s condition

At Don’t Trade It In, we believe in providing fair market value to those who want to sell their Ford online. To ensure a transparent and seamless process, it’s essential to be honest about the condition of your vehicle. By disclosing any issues with your Ford, we can provide an accurate offer and avoid any potential conflicts that may arise in the future. Honesty is always the best policy when selling a Ford online, as it builds trust and avoids any unnecessary headaches down the road.

Don’t Trade It In

While it is tempting to just trade in your vehicle versus selling a Ford online, it’s likely you will lose money during the process. Instead, contact the team at Don’t Trade It in. We are prepared to make the process smooth when you want to sell a Ford online. Simply fill out our online form, upload photos of your used car, SUV or truck, provide the VIN and press submit. The team at Don’t Trade It In will contact you with a fair value and then travel to you to pick up your used Ford for sale and issue prompt payment. You have plenty of options when learning how to sell a Ford online and Don’t Trade It In is one of the best. 

Sell your Ford 100% online


Here’s our process:

  1. Fill out our online form here
  2. We make an offer
  3. If you approve the offer, we’ll set up a time to pick up your Ford
  4. We pay you via electronic funds transfer or check, whichever you prefer

That’s it! If you have all the necessary paperwork and information, we can complete the transaction in one day.

We pay you via electronic funds transfer directly into your bank account or via company check.

You get paid as soon as we’ve completed sales documents and have your title, vehicle, or both in-house.

No! Don’t Trade It In will meet you at a time and place convenient for you to complete the transaction. We do all the work to make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

We have the ability to complete transactions on the same day, assuming you have a clear title in hand and two days if you don’t.

We’re licensed, bonded and insured. We also have an excellent reputation and have been in business for over five years.

When you’re ready to sell your Ford, rest assured you can trust Don’t Trade It In to give you a fair offer and provide excellent service.

We buy vehicles from clients in all 48 continental United States and come to you to complete the transaction. Our corporate headquarters are in Rowlett, TX, just outside of Dallas and you’re welcome to come by to do business with us in person.

Our offers are based on:

  1. Vehicle condition (based on the information and photos you provide)
  2. Local supply and demand 
  3. Market value

The more accurate information you provide, the more accurate our offer will be.