How To Get Rid Of A Car


For years, you’ve driven your trusted vehicle back and forth to work or even on long road trips. Overtime, though, your vehicle may have reached its peak, begging the need for a new one. Even if your vehicle is in decent condition, deciding what to do with it can be a challenge. So, how can you get rid of an old car?

You have several viable options that are both convenient and profitable for getting cash for your cars. Check out these tips on how to get rid of an old car to free up money and space, as well as what may seem like another task on your to-do list.

Sell Your Used Car Outright

Regardless of the condition of your used car for sale, it is possible to get rid of an old car. When selling it outright to a third party, you must do the work, though. Find all of the paperwork before beginning to sell an old car and post listings on social media or in newspapers. You may incur costs when advertising an old car for sale, but if you’ve priced your vehicle right, it may sell quickly.

It’s also important to make your vehicle presentable. Clean the interior and the exterior and make minor auto repairs that may increase the value. When determining an appropriate price, look for guidance for sites such as Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book so that you’re not pricing your used car for sale too low or too high.

Sell Your Old Car to a Dealer

Many car dealership will purchase an old car for sale even if you don’t plan to buy another vehicle from them. This is a good way to quickly unload and get rid of an old car, but in most cases, dealerships do not offer fair market value. This stems from their need to sell your used car for a profit. Regardless, it’s recommended that you make minor repairs to your used car for sale to make the vehicle more appealing.

Junk Your Old Car

If you want to get rid of an old car that no longer runs and has reached the end of its life, you do have the option to hire a junk car removal service. This option may not heed much, if any, profit, though, for your used car for sale. Some companies do offer to tow the vehicle for free, though, which can save you some money.

Before junking an old car, you may be able to regain some profits by selling any usable parts. Old cars for sale often feature parts that are in working order and are hard to find. Some of the parts can be redeemed at scrap metal yards for cash. Check with your local salvage yard to see if the working parts of your vehicle are worth the time and effort to take them off the vehicle first.

Donate Your Old Car

If you’re not looking for any type of profit and want to get rid of an old car, donating the vehicle to a local charity may be a good option for you. Many non-profit organizations accept vehicles so that they can then make a profit by re-selling it or selling the parts.

Trade In Your Old Car

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, but still want to get rid of an old car, trading in a used car to a dealership is a potential option. While many dealerships may salvage or sell off the parts of your old car for sale, too, the hassle falls off of your shoulders. Keep in mind, though, that the trade-in value for an old car is often less than stellar. And, in many cases, individuals selling an old car can make more money selling parts or selling to a third party.

Don’t Trade It In

It’s tempting to just trade in an old car for sale rather than selling it outright, but you will likely lose money. If you don’t want to navigate how to get rid of an old car, then there’s a better solution. Contact Don’t Trade It In. We make it easy to get rid of an old car completely online. Simply fill out our online form, upload photos of your used car, SUV or truck, provide the VIN and press submit. The team at Don’t Trade It In® will contact you with a fair value and then travel to you to pick up your used car for sale and issue prompt payment.

You have plenty of options when you need to get rid of an old car and Don’t Trade It In® is one of the best.

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