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*We only buy vehicles that run/drive and have no major mechanical issues.*
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The best and fastest way to sell your car in Rowlett!

Looking to sell your car for quick cash in Rowlett TX? As an eastern suburb of Dallas, living in Rowlett, Texas, gives you the chance to embrace quiet living with access to the metropolitan area. There are plenty of fun things to do in Rowlett, TX, and with a reliable vehicle you can enjoy some fun in the sun at outdoor and exotic Rowlett, TX attractions.

Consider entertaining the family with an outing to the Kid’s Kingdom playground and park or make a splash at the Wet Zone water park. Get in a game of golf at the Waterview Golf Club or rent a kayak and soak up the stunning views of the lake. Whether you’re attending Texas festivals or just want to cruise the downtown area, you need a car or truck you can rely on to get you there. If you’re convinced that it’s time to ‘sell my car,’ then you have plenty of options. Don’t Trade It In is willing and able to buy any make or model, making us the best cash for cars place in Rowlett. Instead of dealing with the hassle of trading in a car at a car dealership in Texas, save time and money with Don’t Trade It In.

If you’re in the market to sell a used car, sell a used truck or sell a used Jeep, resist the urge to trade in a car at a car dealership in Rowlett, TX. You have options when you’re trying to sell your new or used vehicle. Contacting Don’t Trade It In is easy and what you’ll find is that you can get more of a fair value when selling a used vehicle in Texas. We buy all makes and models, and any year your car was manufactured, so whether you have an old pickup truck for sale or a newer minivan for sale in Texas, let us give you an offer you can’t refuse.

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Sell Your Car in Rowlett Hassle Free—Only 4 Steps!


You Don’t Trade It in!

Instead, you call us for a hassle free, fair evaluation of your vehicle. We can offer more than dealerships and are a cash buyer. Get more money in your pocket faster.


We Provide You an Appraisal.

We utilize the latest technology to remotely analyze your vehicle and generate a true top-dollar market value.


We take care of the paperwork.

Remotely and electronically DocuSign the paperwork or come in to finalize
everything in person.


We come to you!

We can come to you! Sit back, count your cash and relax while we come to pick
up your vehicle. We won’t stop you from dropping it off yourself if you’d rather do that!


Why dealerships won't give you a fair value for your vehicle.

It's the dealerships' main source of revenue.

Many dealerships make a killing on traded-in vehicles. These departments offer minimal trade-in value on your used vehicle before selling it at a much higher value. Don’t let a dealership shortchange you on your vehicle’s worth!

New car sales actually lose money.

Every day a new vehicle goes unsold is another small loss that continues to mount until it’s finally purchased. As a result, it often falls to the used car sales departments to turn a profit if new vehicles aren’t selling at the pace they hoped for.

It may have to go to auction after they buy it.

Many times trade-in vehicles are required to be sold at auction if they don't meet certain standards. Dealerships try to offer less for your trade to make sure they can still make a profit even if they don't sell the car on their sales lot.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Depending on the vehicles condition, we’ll pay you a good amount of money on the spot, making us the best company to sell your vehicle to in Rowlett. We typically don’t buy junk cars, or automobiles that aren’t in great condition; this includes junk cars that have fire damage, have been in an accident, missing an odometer or has incorrect mileage, has a defective battery, and has a lot of missing car parts.


You should have a certified mechanic check the condition of your SUV or junk car, sedan or van to see if the following are intact in each of the junk cars: brakes, transmission, engine, timing belt, and catalytic converters. If you were wondering what price your cars are worth, you can check with the local guys at our motor vehicle buying center, and schedule an appointment via phone or email online to see if we’d pay you cash trucks or sedans. The process for our service is quick and easy as used car buyers to sell your car to us. If you’re looking to get rid of your clunker that is damaged or isn’t running and you need junk car removal from your property via towing, we’re not the right place for you, especially if you’re looking to salvage your junk car for cash. We’re not interested to pay cash for junk cars in Rowlett. We’re also not the place to call if you need to get your wrecked car towed by a tow truck in your city to a junkyard. If your cars have no title, you can still contact us to see if we’d pay cash for your cars. We have paid instant cash for customer cars depending on the model and condition.


We go the extra mile to evaluate your cars and offer a fair price for your vehicle, offering top dollar to cars in great condition, not for junker automobiles. If you’re looking to get your cars sold without the hassle of a car dealership and we’ll give you a cash offer for your cars. You won’t have to deal with running classified ads or browsing through car listings to try and determine what the best price for your car is. You also won’t have to deal with low ball offers from potential car buyers who may not even be interested in giving you a serious cash offer on your vehicle. You can get cash today from our experts after providing a professional automobile evaluation. There is no obligation to receiving a free quote for your car from our appraisers.

Whether we buy junk cars with no title, registration or keys is on a case by case basis. Call us for more information about what kind of documents and paperwork you need to sell your car. You can always get a replacement title and registration by visited the Rowlett DMV if you have a valid photo identification to proof ownership, and you only have to pay minimal fees. You’d also have to know if you have a loan on the car due to bad credit. If your vehicle runs well has a clean title, and has no dents, damage or rust, you’ll be able to sell your car for a higher value. If you do decide to bring your salvaged vehicle to the junk yard, make sure you remove any personal belongings from the auto mobile. You also have to make sure your vehicle’s license plates are removed, and properly returns to Rowlett’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). You will also have to notify your car insurance provider to make sure that they don’t continue to charge you on a car you no longer own. 

At Don’t Trade It In®, we make it easy to receive a quote for getting cash for cars and eventually, payment for your car or truck. Begin by filling out the online quote form and questionnaire at Fill in pertinent information about your used car for sale in Rowlett, TX and then hit ‘get offer.’ One of our specialists will soon be in touch with a fair value offer for your vehicle. It’s that simple. When selling a vehicle in Texas to Don’t Trade It In®, you don’t have to wait hours in a car dealership in Rowlett, TX to receive an offer or the trade-in value of your used car. Once you receive and accept our offer, we’ll make arrangements to pick up your used car for sale and provide payment. Want to stay at home? We’ll come by and get your car for sale in Texas. Want to meet up at a convenient location? We can do that, too. With Don’t Trade It In®, we make it easy for you to get rid of unwanted cars or trucks and make some cash at the same time.

There’s really no make or model that we wouldn’t buy. Here are some car types that we’ve bought from previous customers:

  • Chevrolet
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Ford
  • Jeep
  • RAM
  • Chrysler
  • Porche
  • Honda
  • Lexus
  • Dodge

You should sell your car in Rowlett to the place that offers you both the most money and convenience. We believe the process at Don’t Trade It In provides both! Get an offer on your car in Rowlett from us today. Click here!

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