How Long Does It Take to Sell a Car?

When you’ve realized that it’s time to upgrade your current vehicle and sell a used car, van, truck or SUV, it may seem like the process is simple. Take out an ad, place details on social media and voila – your car is sold, right?

Unfortunately, selling a used van, Jeep, truck or SUV can be a time-consuming process. If you’re curious about ‘how long does it take to sell a car?’—Then we’ve got some tips for you to expedite the process and get cash fast for your car.

Common Mistakes When Selling a Used Car

On average, it can take more than 60 days to sell a vehicle. While this average is most common when selling a used car at a car dealership, the reality is that when selling a used truck on your own to a private party, it may take even longer. Yes, it is possible that you could sell a used SUV much faster than that average, there is also the possibility that it may not sell at all.

The struggle with selling a used vehicle on your own can be attributed to common mistakes car owners make. These may include:

Having Unrealistic Expectations

It’s easy to get frustrated when envisioning how long it takes to sell a car. If you expect to sell a used car within hours or days, you are bound to get frustrated and make additional mistakes.

Trying to Sell a Car That is in Less-Than-Stellar Condition

While you don’t have to have the latest sports car on the market when trying to sell a used car, you do need to have a car that people may want to buy. Instead of thinking: “How long does it take to sell a car?” beginning thinking about what you can do to make your car more attractive to potential buyers. Make necessary repairs, touch up the paint, clean out the interior and assess the vehicle’s overall performance. Although many people don’t want to put too much money into the vehicle when selling a used Jeep, small minor repairs and touch ups can make a world of difference when selling a used car.

Pricing the Vehicle Too High or Too Low

One of the biggest mistakes car owners make when trying to sell a used truck or car is price the vehicle wrong. Get the most bang for your buck realistically by checking the market value of your used car for sale. Websites, such as Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds allow you to enter the specifications, miles and even VIN of your used car for sale to help you determine a suitable price for your car. Don’t sell a used car for too little or try to sell a used SUV for too much. Know your vehicle’s value before you even begin to advertise your used minivan for sale. Then, it won’t take long to sell a car that’s price to sell.

Advertising a Used Car for Sale With an Ad That is Boring

You don’t have to be a marketing executive to sell a used truck quickly. You just need for your ad to be complete. When listing the details for your used car for sale, provide the mileage, make, model, year of the used car for sale and be honest about any mechanical repairs needed. Be upfront and use wording that is less gimmicky and more factual. Car shoppers can spot a misleading ad a mile away. Tell your vehicle’s story briefly and avoid using phrases such as ‘make offer.’ What typically happens in this case is that selling a used car becomes more of a negotiation versus a solid experience for all parties involved.

Sell Your Used Car Fast With Don’t Trade It In

It’s tempting to just trade in a used vehicle for sale or list it privately, but the reality is that most used car owners likely will lose money. If you don’t want to navigate how to sell a used car to a private party, then there’s a better solution. Contact Don’t Trade It in. We make it easy to sell a used Jeep, minivan, truck or sedan completely online. Simply fill out our online form, upload photos of your used car, SUV or truck, provide the VIN and press submit. The team at Don’t Trade It In will contact you with a fair value and then travel to you to pick up your used car for sale and issue prompt payment.

You have plenty of options when learning how to sell a used car and Don’t Trade it In® is one of the best.

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